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How To Create TikTok Ads 

Does your business use TikTok? Do you want to learn how to create TikTok ads for the growth of your business and reach more audience on the TikTok platform? This post will show you exactly how you can create TikTok ads. 

One of the benefits we enjoy from using social media as entrepreneurs and startups is that we can advertise our business on these ready-made platforms and reach out to large audiences, sell our services and promote our goods. 

Why You Should Use TikTok To Advertise Your Business?

Since there are other ad networks and social media platforms you can leverage on to promote your goods and services, why should you use TikTok to advertise your business? 

While it is true that there are quite a number of social media platforms you can use to achieve and even get more advertising results from, TikTok shines as one of the best advertising platforms today and we have gathered a couple of reasons why you should use TikTok to advertise your business

1. Over 500 Million Active Users 

TikTok boasts of having over 500 million persons who use the app on a daily basis. 

And this number is not just the amount of persons who use the app but the number of active persons using the app every day. 

Every advertiser knows that TikTok is a ground for a massive audience reach. 

It has since surpassed other social media platforms who have been in the game long before TikTok was created and experts wonder how it became so viral surpassing its popular relative, Snapchat. 

TikTok lets users edit and share 15-second videos with filters, effects, and background music. The beta version of the app allows for ads to be published on it. 

After the launch of their beta app in 2019, big organizations such as Nike, Apple Music, e.t.c have begun to promote their products in very attractive and highly compelling formats. 

2. Reach Young People 

More than half of the 500 million people who use TikTok every day are young people below the age of 30. About 41 percent of TikTok users are persons between the ages of 16 and 24. 

If your business sells to persons of this age grade, then TikTok is a viable option you can use for advertising. 

It has a large concentration of very young people and a lot of the trending videos on the app proves that the app is youth-oriented. 

TikTok Is For High-Budget Businesses 

While TikTok is a great platform to advertise your business, there is a particular downside to it and that is the cost of running ads on TikTok.

The ads offerings by TikTok have only been explored by large businesses and organizations leaving start-ups and smaller institutions out of the race. 

How Much Does TikTok Ads Cost? 

The cost of TikTok ads is around USD 10 per CPM. The minimum investment limit to run a campaign on TikTok is around USD 500. 

This is quite an expensive ad platform if your business is just starting out or you have a low-budget marketing plan. 

How To Create TikTok Ads 

We have outlined steps you can use to create TikTok ads, grow, and scale up your business.

  • 1. Create Your TikTok Ads Account

The first thing to do in order to create TikTok ads is to visit the TikTok Ads home page and tap the “Create an Ad button”. 

When you click on the “Create an Ad button”, a form shows up where you will be asked to submit your details. 

After submitting your details, a representative from TikTok will reach out to you and help you set up your TikTok ads account. 

It takes about 48 hours before the details of your account get to you.

  • 2. Create Your Ad Campaign 

When you receive the details of your ad account from TikTok, the remaining steps to take are pretty simple and straightforward. 

The next step to take as you process your TikTok Ad account is to create your first ad campaign. To do this, click on the “Campaign tab” in your TikTok Ads dashboard. Next, tap the “Create” button.

Choose your campaign objective. Your campaign objective is the reason why you are creating the ad in the first place. 

Currently, TikTok allows users to set the following options as their campaign objective:

  • App Install 
  • Conversions 
  • Traffic

Next, you will need to set up your budget for the ad campaign. You can choose between the Daily Budget option or the Total Budget option. 

To make your choice, go to the “Settings” tab in your Campaign. It is important to note that both budget options should be at least USD 500. 

  • 3. Set Ad Placements, Details, and Targeting 

The third step to take as you create your TikTok ads is to create set up an ad group, choose placements, and targeting for your ad campaign. 

TikTok allows you to choose from a variety of apps that belong to the TikTok family. You can decide to choose ads like BuzzVideo, News Republic, Vigo Video, and a handful of others. 

You can hand over placement rights to TikTok with the option of automatic placement that allows TikTok to choose the best places where your ad has a higher likelihood to perform better. 

When you complete your placements settings, you will be prompted to submit details such as display names, categories, images, and important URLs. 

You can add up to 20 keywords to describe what your ad is about which will be used to display your ads to the right audience. 

Under the targeting section of your ad campaign, you define who gets to see your ads. You decide this by choosing the location, age, device, gender, language, interests e.t.c of people who you want to see the ads. 

Doing this correctly will get your business in the face of people who would be willing to patronize you and buy your products and services. 

  • 4. Add Control To Your Ad

Your TikTok ad allows you to control spending, duration, and goals. Decide the amount you are willing to spend per day or for the entire ad campaign. 

The minimum amount for both a daily budget or for the total budget option is USD 50 as at the time of compiling this post. 

For ad duration, there is an option called Dayparting that allows you to choose certain times in the day or week when you want your ads to run. Pacing lets you decide how much would be spent on each ad.

There is a standard delivery option and the accelerated option. The former lets you spend your budget evenly across the duration of your campaign while the later rake up your budget as fast as possible. 

  • 5. Design Your Ad 

You can use the TikTok Video Creation Kit that helps you provide video and image templates for your ads. Your ads can be rendered either in the square, horizontal, or vertical videos or images with over 300 songs you can add as background music. 

The following are ad types offered by TikTok:

  • Hashtag challenge 
  • In-feed ads 
  • Brand takeovers 


Overall, TikTok is a great social media platform to grow your business, advertise your products, and scale up your sales. 

The number of active users on the app makes it a viable tool for advertisement. Only that its downsides are quite pronounced. 

One would need to have a business whose primary audience includes young people and has a high advertisement and marketing budget.

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